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Paddling club Joensuun Kauhojat

Joensuun Kauhojat, a paddling club situated in Joensuu, in eastern Finland, is a member association in the Finnish canoeing and rowing federation. The members of Kauhojat are mainly interested in recreational, touring and whitewater kayaking. Lately, the number of members in Kauhojat has been around 160-185.

Kayaking at lake PyhäselkäThe club's canoe shed is located at Hasanniemi, near where river Pielisjoki and lake Pyhäselkä meet (see the location on a Google map). Hasanniemi is an excellent site for the shed, since both the lake and the river are available for paddling. In addition, paddlers can train the basics of whitewater kayaking in the rapids of Ilosaari, only two kilometres away from Hasanniemi. There are two class I- rapids, which can be safely passed through canal locks if necessary.

Kauhojat has about 30 kayaks, including sea, touring, whitewater and beginner's kayaks as well as double kayaks. The club's kayaks are only for the use of members.


Kayaker in a wave/hole of Neitikoski, river LieksanjokiIn summer, Kauhojat arranges beginner's kayaking courses and, for the members, several kayaking tours aimed mostly at lakes, rivers and rapids. The tours last from one or two days up to a week. On the Tuesday evenings of June, July and August, starting at 6 pm, the members can take a short kayaking trip from Hasanniemi (in September the trips start at 5 pm). In winter there is a swimming pool session at Rantakylä once a week.

The members may use the club's kayaks for daytrips starting from Hasanniemi, borrow the kayaks for several days for their own tours and store their own kayak or canadian canoe in the shed.

The club's events are listed in the calendar (tapahtumakalenteri). The members of Kauhojat can also participate the tours arranged by Joensuun Latu, the local Outdoor association of Finland. On the tours, participants usually share the ride, and therefore everybody does not need a car. Everyone takes part on the transportation costs.

Joining Kauhojat

For safety, people without previous kayaking experience need to take part on a beginner's course before using the club's kayaks.

If you already have some experience in kayaking, a certificate of a paddling course arranged by another club does nicely. If you don't have a certificate, please contact the person responsible for evaluations (see Yhteystiedot/Contact). There is a joining fee for those who have not participated a beginner's course arranged by Kauhojat.

You can apply for membership in Kauhojat by filling the online membership form (opens in a new tab). You can also print the membership form (pdf), fill it and send it to financial manager (see Yhteystiedot/Contact).

It is advisable that you have an accident insurance.


A beginner's course, according to the recommendations of the Finnish canoeing and rowing federation, lasts for ten hours. Kauhojat usually arranges three or four courses in the turn of May and June on weekdays (three evenings). The language spoken in the courses is Finnish.

Fees 2019

Fee Code Sum
Membership fees
Adult JMS26 26 €
Junior (under 18 years at the beginning of current year) JMJ12 12 €
Support member KJM200 200 €
Joining fee (for the adult new members) LM25 25 €
Fees for using the kayaks
Adult, the whole year AKM40 40 €
Adult, after August 1st AKM20 20 €
Junior, the whole year JKM24 24 €
Junior, after August 1st JKM12 12 €
Kayak/canoe storage
The whole year, rows 1-4 VP60 60 €
The whole year, row 5 and above VP40 40 €
Winter only (no membership required) VPT40 40 €
Shed keys
Deposit for a key AP30 30 €
Returning the access right AK10 10 €
Beginner's kayaking courses
Adult PKA90 90 €
Junior (15-18 years) PKJ45 45 €
Other fees
Introduction (about 2,5-3 hours, per person) TM30 30 €

How to pay the fees

The members receive a payment form at the end of March (the due date of the fees is April 15th). Please note, if you have loaned the shed key, you must pay the fees yearly by the due date in order to keep the access right (see chapter Shed keys below for more information).

You may contact the financial manager (see Yhteystiedot/Contact) if you have something to ask about the fees.

Description of the fees

For the annual membership fee, you can take part on the tours and other events arranged by the club and use a club's kayak on these tours and events. Before becoming a member, you need to pay the joining fee, if you haven't participated a beginner's course arranged by Kauhojat and your age is 18 years or more.

A member, who pays the annual fee for using the kayaks (either the whole year, or from August 1st onward), may also paddle by him- or herself and borrow a kayak and transport it elsewhere.

A member, who pays the fee for using the kayaks or has his or her own kayak or canoe in the shed (in return for the annual fee), may get the shed key in exchange for a deposit (see chapter Shed keys below).

Kauhojat can arrange a short introduction to kayaking for groups of 5-10 people without previous paddling experience. The introduction lasts up to three hours. If you are interested in an introduction, please contact the person responsible for them (see page Yhteystiedot/Contact).

Kayaks and shed

Both club's kayaks and members' own boats are stored in the canoe shed at Hasanniemi. In the shed there is a shedbook, where you mark the use of club's kayaks (daytrips from the shed), as well as a loaning calendar, where you mark the bookings and borrowings. There is a composting toilet near the shed and the toilet key is at the bulletin board.

Kayaks and gear

The canoe shed of Kauhojat Kauhojat has the following kayaks, as well as gear such as paddles, personal flotation aids, spraydecks (both nylon and neoprene), helmets, a pump, towlines, a throwline, transport equipment etc. All the other kayaks except the whitewater ones have their own nylon spraydeck, which is stored along with the kayak.

  • A composite double sea kayak with hatches and rudder (SeaBird Nordr L2)
  • A plastic double touring kayak with hatches and rudder (Star Duo)
  • Eight composite sea kayaks with hatches and retractable skeg (Welho Bigfoot #2, Skim Braveheart HV, Lettmann Skinner, Qajaq Sardinia, North Shore Atlantic LV, Mari*3)
  • Five plastic touring/sea kayaks with hatches and retractable skeg (Zegul Arrow Play PE MV, North Shore Atlantic RM, Atlantic LV RM and Aspect RM, Perception Expression 14)
  • A plastic children's touring kayak with hatches (WS Tsunami SP)
  • A plastic river touring kayak with hatches and rudder (Prijon Yukon)
  • Five plastic beginner's kayaks (Roto Attivo Buran, Rainbow Oasis*4)
  • A plastic children's beginner kayak (Perception Carolina XS)
  • A composite racing kayak
  • Ten plastic whitewater kayaks (LiquidLogic Lil'Joe, Remix 59 and Remix 69, Jackson Allstar, Superstar and Zen 75, Pyranha S:7, Wavesport Diesel 65, Perception Dancer*2)

Rules for using the kayaks

The club's kayaks are for the use of members, and a member may use one touring kayak and one whitewater kayak at a time. Basic kayaking skills are required for using the kayaks. Person under 15 years of age may use the kayaks only with a parent, and a person of 15-17 years of age may use them on a parent's permission.

On the club's events, the kayaks are reserved for those taking part. For the events, check the calendar (tapahtumakalenteri) and the bulletin board of the shed. If necessary, please contact the person responsible for the event before taking a kayak from the shed.

Club's kayaks and gear are marked with the text "Kauhojat" or "Joensuun Kauhojat". In addition, the kayaks and their spraydecks are numbered. Unmarked gear and kayaks are owned by the members, and they should not be used without the owner's permission.

If you notice wear in the kayaks or gear, please write it down in the list on the bulletin board in the shed ("korjauslista"). You may also do the repairs by yourself.

After use, please dry and clean the kayak using the rags found in the shed, open the hatches and return the kayak and gear at their places. Hang up the spraydeck on the kayak's bow or tail.

Using in club's events (by the membership fee): A member can use the kayaks on all club's events, such as on the Tuesday evening trips, tours and swimming pool session, without extra charge. Please mark your name and the kayak's number in the shedbook ("vajakirja"). For tours, the contact person may book the kayaks beforehand.

Using on your own (by the membership fee and the annual fee for using the kayaks): When used for daytrips that start from Hasanniemi, please mark your trip in the shedbook ("vajakirja"). The double kayaks can be used with one using fee.

The kayaks can also be borrowed for the maximum of five days at a time (from Wednesday to Monday because of the Tuestday evening trip), booked beforehand and transported away from the shed by a car. Please mark the bookings and borrowings in the loaning calendar ("varauskalenteri").

The gear may be borrowed similarly. Always mark in the shedbook or loaning calendar the use or borrowing of gear other than the kayak's own spraydeck, a personal flotation aid and a paddle.

Shed keys

If you paddle by yourself using the club's kayaks, you probably need a key to the shed. The person responsible for the keys (see Yhteystiedot/Contact) will loan you one in exchange for a deposit of 30 euros. Prepare to show a document about paying the deposit and the necessary fees (membership fee and either the fee for using the kayaks or the canoe storage fee).

Please, check the rules for loaning a key (pdf) beforehand.

For returning the key you may contact the person responsible for the keys or mail the key directly to the return address (please, tape the key on paper to prevent it from breaking up the envelope, and attach your bank account number for paying back the deposit).

Membership register

Kauhojat keeps a register of the members and stores their contact information (address, phone, email). Please report your (changed) contact information to the person responsible for the membership register (see Yhteystiedot/Contact). You can look and change your own information after requesting access rights from the person responsible for the membership register.

Announcements (in Finnish)

The club announces about the activities at the bulletin board of the canoe shed, in a short newsletter (received twice a year by mail or e-mail) and in current e-mail or SMS messages. If you want to receive the announcements by email, please send email to the person responsible for the membership register (see Yhteystiedot/Contact), and if you don't want to get the announcements anymore, report it similarly.

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